Quattro’s Initiative to Dress the Underprivileged

In Celebration of Orphan’s Day, Quattro Trading & Services in cooperation with a team from SRSDP (South Red Sea Development Project) and HEYA for Family & Community Development NGO decided to join hands and launch a clothing Drive for this occasion.

The team gathered with a beautiful spirit of helping the needy and worked on sorting out the items received by the company and dividing them by age & sex in order to be able to better distribute them on the various destinations that are targeted with this campaign.

A Team from SRSDP went on a convoy to distribute clothing to the underprivileged in Egypt’s rural areas of the South of the Red sea including the beautiful Qulan where SRSDP are launching their project dedicated to the full rounded sustainable development of this rural village on the southern banks of the red sea.

This drive will be followed by a number similar initiatives to cover more grounds in the south of the Red Sea area as well as Sohaj in upper Egypt.

The SRSDP is a project dedicated to the sustainable development of the communities in the South of the Red Sea.

HEYA for Family & Community Development an NGO based in Sohaj with projects all around Egypt. 

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