Investor Relations

QUATTRO was launched in 2007 focusing on the fashion and furniture retail segment.

Since opening its first retail store 7 years ago, QUATTRO managed to grow with significant growth rate to operate 22 stores, 11 internationally-renown brands in Egypt, Qatar, Oman and Libya

All the financial key performance indicators (KPIs) of QUATTRO are evidence of how successful QUATTRO’s management are in turning a little investment and the efforts of few people who started the business 7 years ago into a lucrative investment for the shareholders, a trusted business partner of choice and among the region’s fastest growing retailers in the fashion and furniture sectors. During the past 7 years, QUATTRO’s number of employees more than doubled.

In 2014 QUATTRO has an aggressive plan to more than double its sales by adding 6 more brands and more than 12 additional stores in 4 countries (Egypt, Qatar, Libya and Oman). Such remarkable successful track record and aggressive plan place QUATTRO right in its track to achieve its vision to become one of the fastest growing and successful business partners in the retail sector in the region. 

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