Clothing the Neglected of the South

Quattro Trading & Services in cooperation with a team from SRSDP (South Red Sea Development Project) and HEYA for Family & Community Development NGO launched their Third clothing drive this year targeting the unfortunate of the south.

A group of volunteers chose to spend their Easter vacations lending a helping hand in the south of the Red Sea.  The convoy composed of 4 cars and a truck carrying the clothes ventured in the beautiful valleys in the surrounding areas of Wadi El Gemal to reach all those remote families living in the middle of nowhere.

On day one, the caravan covered Abou Ghesoun, Wadi el Leglig and Kab el Rakham.  The families were ecstatic to receive the beautiful outfits donated by Quattro Trading. 

On the second day the team covered the remaining part of Abou Ghesoun, Wadi Shawab, Al Wadi Al Abyad, Om Ghazal, and Wadi el Gemal and on the third and final day of this beautiful drive, the team covered Wadi el Gemal, Kab el Gallab, Hafafish to finally reach the beautiful village of El Sheikh El Shazly.


The caravan spread laughter and happiness in the hearts of these amazing people who teach us a thing or two about acceptance, peace and gratitude.  

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