Quattro ‘s first Olympics

Team building and strong communication is a vital to Quattro Trading & Services’ success. The company’s Managers all went on a fun team-bonding trip to Movenpick Sokhna for an adventure packed 2 days.  Everyone was ecstatic and looking forward to it not knowing what was in store for them during these two days.


The team gathered in the morning and all moved towards Sokhna, upon their arrival, they shared breakfast for the champions they are, then enjoyed a fun photo booth session were everyone dressed up to accentuate the awesome memorable pictures which they took back home to remind them of this day.


Then the adventure began with the launch of Quattro Trading & Services’ first Olympics where teams were randomly divided and had to work together and compete against their rival teams in a day full of tournaments, from football, volleyball, Arial Football to brinnball. 


After lunch and a break, the teams gathered once more to compete on more intense water activities, which ranged from Baraweeta, Youtube to a Pedalo competition.   By the end of the tournament everyone was wind down and ready to chill. 


At night the team was pleasantly flabbergasted to show off their singing talents with a fun filled karaoke night.  Winning teams were announced and went home carrying their well-deserved prizes and looking forward to many more activities together.




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